Our Journey Begins

Come join us as we wander about North America, exploring nature’s beauty and talking science. We’ll be writing short science stories as well as more in depth investigations, and taking you with us as we venture to the National Parks.

Wandering the National Parks

Here is the log of our travels. The goal is all 63 National Parks, along with an assorted list of other park sites. Come check in and see how we’re doing!

Exploring Science in Nature

Everywhere we go, there are wonderful things to discover in the world around us. We’re here to document some of that exploration and to help set you on the path to your own adventures.

Science Discovery Blog

Here we’ll talk science. Each page documents something we’ve run into in our travels or planning. Whether we’re talking about cross-bedded sandstones, backyard astronomy, gas mileage calculations, or local ecology, I hope you enjoy!

Updates M•W•F

Photo Gallery

Here are some of my favourite pictures from Instagram with a bit extra about what you’re seeing.